Flowchart of Written Translation

1. Client enquiry

Clients consult matters concerned by telephone, network, fax, E-mail, etc;

2. Quotation

We provide the most competitive price to clients based on their requirements, including but not limited to, specific professional requirements, difficulty of material, source language, target language, number of words, and delivery deadline.

3. Contract signing

Two parties specify the rights and obligations through in-depth consultation in respect of context to be translated, client's needs and service price. "Translation Contract" abd "Confidentiality Agreement"  will be signed after agreement, and advance payment will be made by clients;

4. Project analysis

From the date of signing, our project manager is responsible for determining translation type, establishing key vocabularies, providing relevant references, distributing original manuscripts reasonably and confirming work arrangement and time schedule;

5. Formal translation

Based on working arrangement and time schedule, senior professional translators begin to translate and the project manager will monitor the whole process of translation. In order to provide the best solutions, we will make a complete assessment of qualifications and experience of translator, and arrange translators with relevant educational background, technical experience and professional knowledge to translate the documents;

6. Checking

After translation, the presence of grammatical mistakes, paragraph translation leakage, punctuation mistakes, data and term errors is checked by relevant personnel. The revised drafts and review comments will be delivered to the project manager;

7. Proofreading

After the review and verfication of revised drafts, the project manager will send to qualified proofreaders to conduct further processing in order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of terminology. Finally, the finished translation will be made by the project manager upon examination;

8. Delivery

We deliver the finished translation to clients by e-mail, fax or express. After qualified acceptance, "Translation Acceptance Confirmation" will be signed and issued by clients and payment of  balance will be made;

9. Follow-up

Quality tracking will be conducted by us and 7*24 hours after service is free of charge.


Flowchart of Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

1. Consultation and negotiation

We will offer relevant interpreters for selection based on clients' requirements;

2. Contract signing (50% advance payment) 

The service contract will be signed by two parties upon agreement, and 50% advance payment will be made at the same time.

3. Pre-task preparation

Clients shall inform interpreters of the relevant scope of interpretation in advance; written materials are preferred so that interpreters could make fully preparation in advance;

4. Formal translation

Interpreters we provided have rich employed experience and altitude professional ethics, aiming at offering high quality translation service for clients;

5. Client evaluation

After interpretation, we will make relevant adjustment in every respect based on clients' feedback;

6. Balance settlement

Clients pay the balance to the specified account or in a manner agreed upon by two parties.