Translators and interpreters in our company have rich employed experience and altitude professional ethics with realism rigorously attitude to provide clients with quality products and attentive service. In addition to conducting translation in strict accordance with translation processes established by our company, we are still more stringent in the following aspects:

1. Strict selection of translators and interpreters: at the time of recruiting, all the applicants are required to conduct a comprehensive test in various respects, incuding professional skills, writing skills, employed experience, professional dedication etc. Only the applicants who have passed layers of screening and examination can be our translators and interpreters. We have formulated a complete and strict quality control system, which ensures that each service can meet quality requirements of clients. Furthermore, we will also conduct a comprehensive evaluation on service quality and performance provided by our translators and interpreters in order to make appropriate adjustment and select the most specialized suitable ones.

2. Strict original manuscript distribution: upon receipt of project, our senior project manager will conduct a full analysis of project, determine manuscript type and difficulty, and depend on delivery deadline, checking and proofreading time to distribute original manuscripts to the most specialized suitable translators.

3. Professional translation team: with each translator having many years of translation experience. They not only are skilled in English, but also excel at one kind or another of specialized knowledge. Above 70% of our translators have worked or studied, for many years, in an English-speaking country, i.e., England, Australia, America, and Canada to mention a few. They know the local situations well.

4. Monitoring and tracking: during the translation to solve any translation difficulties promptly. With large projects, we establish a team that will include our senior translators, professors and foreign experts. They will be responsible for the translation's integrity of style and it's coordination of specialized glossary. This will guarantee the quality of style and terminology.

5. Post-translation: after translation,  relevant personnel is designated to carry out formatting, graphic processing and other former processes, then proofreaders will carefully proofread to check the manuscripts for inconsistencies and errors.comp 

6. Follow-up: quality tracking will be conducted by us and 7*24 hours after service is free of charge.

In the meantime, we will perfectly control each translation task in strictly accordance with GB/T19363.1-2008和GB/T19363.2-2006.