We deeply know the importance of materials received from our clients which may directly contribute to market strategy, enterprise development, even decide the success or failure of enterprise.

We have been implementing a strict confidential system to achieve the absolute responsibility for and commitment to clients.

1. We keep strictly confidential all materials from clients, incuding but not limited to original manuscripts, translated documents and references. Special confidentiality measures will be implemented to meet the special requirements.

2. Any information from clients will never ever be disclosed to the third party without the express written consent of clients.

3. Confidentiality measures are very strict and igorous within our company; each link is handled by a dedicated person; besides, we also have non-disclosure agreement, restriction mechanism and access control mechanism.

4. For documents in electronic format, we have establised independent data protection measures and automatic destruction mechanism under improper access, and have set passwords for limited access .

5. Materials from clients are generally retained for 2 weeks. If there is no requirement, we will destroy and delete all clients' materials completely, or they can be deleted immediately as required by clients.