Dear respected clients, please read the following instructions before you make a decision to use our service:

1. We refuse to translate any material or document that goes against laws and regulations and violates the social ethics.

2. We are only responsible for the accuracy of the translated document but takes no responsibilities for the content, usage, and bad consequences resulted directly or indirectly from using the document.

3. After having decided the materials to be translated and the price for the translation with you, we will sign a contract for translation with you so as to decide the rights and obligations of the both parties and decide your method of payment.

4. Words and graphics supplied by the client in the original manuscript to be translated should have good legibility, preferably in an electronic version.

5. Regarding the special technical information, we hope you will supply some background information and referential vocabulary so that our translators can finish your translation quickly and accurately.

6. Translation is a hard, complicated, and very professional job that needs strong mental labor; to guarantee the quality of translation, please give us ample time as much as possible.

7. Clients need to inform us in writing in case they need to change the manuscript. For the completed translation, clients must bear the corresponding translation cost in light of the original contract. In case new content is added, they must discuss with us and pay the added translation cost. In case the manuscript is needed in advance, an expediting fee needs to be paid off.

8. We will correct any error or make up for missed translation free of charge if error or missed translation is caused by our translators.

9. We will compensate clients by way of multiplying the number of days delayed with unit price in case a delay is caused because of our reason.

10. We has established strict rules of confidentiality; we keep confidential all clients’ original manuscripts and translated ones.

Thank you for your understanding of and support to our work.